The Armenian Catholic Community of Anjar

Along with the rest of the Mousadaghians, the Catholic community arrived to Anjar in great poverty and had some very difficult years.

One week after their arrival, Father Hovhannes Khalkhovian was appointed as the new reverend of the community who devotedly put himself in the service of his people and church.

In 1940, by the initiative and financial contribution of the Catholic patriarch, the "Aghadjanian” building was constructed for the "Sisters of Immaculate Conception" which was later used as a school, where poor children would be nourished and educated.

On October 1, 1940, sisters Lorentzia Agheksanderian, Madlen Djernazian and Berdjouhi Avedissian arrived to Anjar. On the 14th of October, the doors of the school opened and it was attended by a greater number of students than expected. 

Rev. father Haladjian applied to the French authorities requesting financial assistance for founding a church. Assistance was granted and a small wooden church was built. 

Initially there were two separate schools, the "Sourp Hovsep School" (St. Joseph) for boys and the "Sisters of Immaculate Conception School" for girls. In 1946, both schools had their first graduates. In 1954, because of a decrease in the number of students, the two schools were merged.

It is worth mentioning that during the ministry of  Rev. Gamsaragan, a crafts’ school was established by the contribution of the "Karageozian” Charity Foundation.

The sisters in charge of the school worked day and night to organize the school and help the needy. The terrible cold and illness didn't interrupt their work as they remained faithful and devoted to their community.

After long years of service and hard work, the devoted sisters Lorentzia Agheksandrian and Yevlalia Bolanian passed away in Anjar.

In 1952, the community built its church and decorated it with beautiful icons and paintings. On October 11, 1954, the inauguration of the church took place by the Cardinal Krikor Bedros XV Aghadjanian.

In 1958, new classes were added to the school and a large auditorium was built. In 1973, a library and a laboratory were added to the original building, due to the efforts of the devoted sister Teobisteh Bedrossian.

On October 13, 1973, the "Aghadjanian” Boarding School was established. The official opening was held in the presence of the Lebanese president Mr. Suleyman Franjieh and a number of prominent political and national personnel.

The community has its "Women's Charitable Union" which helps the poor and organizes social gatherings and trips for women whereas the "Union of Armenian Catholic Youth" organizes educational and cultural events and activities for the youth.

The highest authority of the community in Anjar is the Parish Council (Joghovertabedagan Khorhourt) which supervises the activities of the unions.

In 1973, Rev. Hovhanness Orchanian founded the "Little Friends of Jesus"for boys under the age of 15 and "Little Children of the Madonna" for little girls.

Today, the community has 130 families.

The community has given many other prominent spiritual leaders who have served elsewhere but always remained faithful to their village and people. 

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