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Zohrab Tazian

Zohrab was born in 1931 in Khederbeg, the village in Mussa Dagh.  He moved to Andjar refugee camp in 1939 with the rest of Mussa Dagh Armenians.  Graduated from Haratch Varjaran sixth grade in 1945.  In the same year he left Andjar for Jerusalem to study in St. Hagop Armenian Seminary.

In 1948, because of the Palestinian War, he returned to Lebanon where he joined his family in Beirut. 

In 1951, with his older brother Boghos, they started a plastic buttons business, designing and manufacturing high fashion buttons for women’s clothing.  While still working in the button business, he returned to school and graduated from Haigazian High School in 1955.  After attending one year at the American University of Beirut.  In 1957, he went to the U.S. to continue his higher education.

In 1960 he graduated from Indiana Institute of Technology, in Fort Wayne, Indiana with a degree in Civil Engineering.  He went to work for the Indiana State Highway, in the bridge construction department.

In 1966, he left the government position and formed an engineering company, Z.K. Tazian Associates, Inc.  in the practice of Civil Engineering, Land Surveying and Land Planning.

Through the years, Zohrab branched into Land Developing, Residential and Commercial rental properties, and recently embarked on construction of residential and commercial buildings.

In 1984, one of their three children that work in the business came on board the company.  The other two children followed a few years later.  Today, under the Holding Company, Tazian Enterprises, there are four separate business entities.  Z.K. Tazian Associates, Inc. (engineering), Tazian Developments, Tazian Properties, and Amastar Construction.


Kindergarten, Khederbeg Mussa Dah. Sixth grade from Haratch Varjaran, Andjar, 1945. Three years in Armenian Seminary, in Jerusalem. Graduated from Haigazian High School, Beirut Lebanon, in 1955.  Indiana Institute of Technology in 1960.  Honorary Degree, Dr. of Engineering from Indiana Institute of Technology.

Armenian Organizations

Joined Azadamard young A.F.F.’ers in 1948 in Beirut.  Joined Zavarian Student Organization in 1955 and served on the executive board and has been a member of A.R.F. since.  Served four years on the A.R.F. Eastern U.S. C.C. as chairman.  Chaired the first A.N.C.A. Eastern Region Banquet in 2007.  Served six years on the U.S. Eastern Prelacy Executive Council and re-elected presently for a two year term.  Delegate to the Holy Seat of Cilicia World Council. Serving on a financial advisory committee to the A.R.S. Central Executive.

U.S. Organizations

Served on the finance committee of former Vice President Dan Quayle, when he ran for congress. Served on the finance committee of former Senator and later Ambassador Daniel Coats.  Served on the Allen County Republican party finance committee for thirty years.  The last fifteen years serving as campaign chairman for Congressman Mark Sauder of Indiana (the only member of both houses of U.S. Congress to participate in the Pro-Armenia Conference in Paris). Delegate to the Republican National Convention in 1984.

Community Boards

Served Twenty-Eight years on the Board of Trustees of His Alma Matter, Indiana Institute of Technology, (the first two years as President of the National Alumni Association and the last sixteen years as Vice-Chairman of the Board).  Served on the Boards of the following organizations:  Allen County Public Library, Fort Wayne Philharmonic, Allen County Cancer Society, Art Museum, Serving on the Governors Affordable Housing Advisory Board, President of the Summit Club (private club) for two years.

Professional Organizations

Served on the Indiana State Surveyor’s Board for five years.  Member of State and National organizations for both engineers and land surveyors.  Holds professional Engineer’s and Surveyor’s licenses in Indiana.  Served on Indiana State Home Builders Board and local Home Builders Association Board, for which he was President for one year.

Written many articles on social and political issues for the local newspapers.


None U.S. born category "Citizen of the Year” Award by Daughters of American Revolution.  Awarded the title of "Prince of Cilicia” by blessed memory of His Holiness Karekin II of the Great House of Cilicia, Received the "Man of the Year” award from Armenian Eastern Prelacy. Received "the Agnouni Award” from A.R.S.

Married since 1959 to the former Naomi Kramer of Fort Wayne, Indiana.  They have four children, Tina, Sona, Ara and Hera and four grandchildren.

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Hilsbund Missionary

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