The Mousadaghian-Anjarian Martyrs

Sarkis Zeitlian

sarkiszeitlianSarkis Zeitlian was born in Kheder Beg, Mousadagh, In 1930. With the rest of the Mousadaghians, his family settled in Anjar, in 1939. After attending the "Haratch" Elementary school in Anjar, he continued his education in the "Seminarists'” School in Jerusalem. Then, he came back to Lebanon and in 1954 he graduated from the Armenology Department of the Neshan Palandjian College, whose principals were prominent Armenian writers and scholars like Levon Shant and Simon Vratzian consecutively. There, he had the opportunity to be in contact with prominent Armenian scholars, national figures, and government officials from Armenia, and therefore to be inspired by their ideological principles and spirit.

The year of his graduation, he was invited to Cairo, Egypt, to join the crew of the ARF newspaper "Housaper" as assistant to the chief editor Vahan Navasartian. At the same time, he taught Armenian subjects at the "Kalousdian” national school. In 1957, he married to Sona Simonian, a writer. In 1958, he was appointed chief editor of "Housaper" and he worked with Kapriel Lazian, Penyamin Tashian, and others. He also held responsible positions in the party. With his efforts, the youth groups of the party revived and the "Aharonian" students' Association was established in Cairo.

In 1962, he returned to Lebanon with his family. Settling in his hometown Anjar, he directed his efforts towards the enhancement of the social and educational fields. It was by his efforts that the construction of the "Haratch" Secondary School started with its boarding department. He was appointed principal of the school and at the same time he was the chairman of the ARF "Garmir Ler" committee of Anjar.

In 1965, he was appointed chief editor of the ARF Regional Central Committee's "Aztag” Daily newspaper. After the establishment of the "Troshag" in 1969, he served as an assistant editor for a while, after which, in 1978, he was appointed as chief editor. He occupied the post until he was kidnapped on March 28, 1985, and was supposedly killed in captivity.

In 1974, by his initiative, the ARF Press Office was started which was to perform ideological-political studies and to orient the Tashnag Press Releases.

Between the years 1968 and 1972, Sarkis Zeitlian was a member and the director of the ARF Regional Central Committee. During this period, he fought for the rights of the Armenians in Lebanon. The number of Armenian deputies in the parliament increased and the Armenian community of Lebanon gained political weight.

During the historically significant 20th General Assembly of ARF, held in Vienna in 1970, S. Zeitlian was elected as an ARF Bureau member, a post that he occupied until his kidnapping.

He was the initiator of the ARF Youth Association (LEM) in Lebanon, which became an example in the ARF branches in all over the world.

During the Lebanese civil war, S. Zeitlian held responsible positions in the party and was one of the masterminds behind the decision of adopting "positive neutrality" among the many sides involved in the political and military conflict. He always stressed the strategic importance of the Bourj Hamoud region, inhabited by Armenians. He was always in the front lines, and a permanent presence in critical regions.

As a member of ARF Bureau, he visited Armenian communities in the Middle East, Latin America, and Europe contributing to their organizational revival and the activities of the newly established Armenian National Committees.

March 28, 1985, was a black day in Armenian history because that was the day when Sarkis Zeitlian was kidnapped, never to be found again. His family and the ARF family lost him too soon and are still grieving his loss.

In his own words:

"There is no challenge, no tyranny, no terrorist act that could defeat a nation which believes in the future, maintains loyalty to its dead and fights for the most just cause: for the sake of his homeland and freedom."

Zaven Tashjian

ZavenTashjianZaven Tashjian was born in Anjar, in 1944. He attended the "Haratch" School. At an early age, he became a member of the HMEM family but then he applied to the ARF Youth Association and later, after giving his membership vow, he became a full member of the party. He served according to his conviction: serving his nation through serving Anjar.

During the years of the Lebanese civil war, when Anjar suffered from depletion of nutritional resources, Zaven Tashjian, as the head of a special committee, hurried to fulfill the people's needs, sometimes even putting his life in danger.

At different stages of the civil war, when the Armenians in Beirut were fleeing in search of a safe haven, Z. Tashjian was always in service, doing the best he could to provide them a safe residence.

He was appointed or elected to many responsible positions within the party and in Anjar. In 1982, during the Israeli invasion, as the head of the ARF "Garmir Ler" Committee, he was the watchful eyes of the Anjarians, closely following the political developments of the region.

Besides his duties as a party member, being a devoted advocate of Armenian culture, he was also a founder of the cultural "Hamazkayin Barouyr Sevag" chapter of Anjar and a member for many years. His love for theater specially, inspired the new generation of Anjarians. He encouraged everything that contributed to the development and prosperity of Armenians.

Monday, March 3, 1986, was a sad day for the Anjarians and the Lebanese Armenians in general. That was the day when Zaven Tashjian, became the victim of a cruel assassination, in his grocery store. The funeral services were held two days later, on Wednesday March 5, at the "St.Paul” Church, in the presence of thousands of mourners.

He will never be forgotten. His righteous character and commitment will continue inspiring generations to come.

Bedig Injeyian

bediginjeyianBedig Injeyan was born in Anjar, on November 3, 1950. At an early age, he showed a deep love for sports and hunting. He attended the Armenian Evangelical School, but his love for football, guns, and horses surpassed everything.

He was a member of both HMEM, as a boy scout and as a member in sports teams, and the ARF Youth Association. He was an active member in both associations and always served with a deep sense of duty and devotion. He was righteous and kind and he always put the national duties first. He believed that the Armenian youth must serve their people and fulfill their needs.

He died on May 27, 1976, in France, as a devotee of the Armenian Cause. His zealous nature and mild character will always be good examples for the Armenian youth.

Zaven Hovhanessian

ZavenHovannesianZaven Hovhanessian was born on March 28, 1963. He spent most of his childhood and adolescence years in Anjar and Beirut where he was taught to embrace and honor the Armenian national values and traditions.

Zaven was wounded and martyred in 1979, while guarding the streets of the Armenian neighborhoods in Beirut.

Sarkis Foujourian

SarkisfujurianSarkis Foujourian was the son of the loyal member of the ARF, dedicated Mousadaghian, and highly respected general in the Lebanese Army, Apraham Foujourian.

He was a dedicated teacher, member of the HMEM and the ARF "Zavarian” Association.

Sarkis Foujorian was wounded while defending the Armenian populated regions of Beirut.

Barouyr Doudaklian

baroyrdoudaklianHe was born in "Nor Sis”, Beirut in 1960.

He received his education in the "Aksor Kasardjian” school. He became a member of the Armenian revolutionary federation and vowed to fight for the rights and security of the Armenian nation.

Barouyr Doudaklian gave his life in September 13, 1979, while defending the streets and neighborhood where he spent his days as a child.

His parents accepted the death of their child with the perception of devoted Armenians.

Hovig Boursalian

hovigboursalian1Hovig Boursalian was born in 1968 in Anjar. He received his primary education in the " Harach "K. Gulbenkian” Secondary School.

He was a member of the HMEM band, the ARF "Harach” juniors and later the ARF "Shavarsh Misakian” Youth Association.

In 1987, he decided to sign up in the Lebanese army and serve his country, but unfortunately he died during a military mission in 1990.

Laurence Kerteshian

lawrance2Laurence Kerteshian was enrolled in the Lebanese army in 1993. He died the same year while serving his country. His name is documented on the monument dedicated to the Martyrs of the Lebanese Army.

Anto Boghogian

Anto Boghigian was born in Anjar. He received his education in the Armenian Evangelical Secondary School. He was a member of the HMEM football team.

He was martyred in the HMEM club in Anjar during the Lebanese Civil War.

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