Political Figures

National Political Figures

Apraham Seklemian  (1864-1920)

Apraham Seklemian is regarded to be the first Mousadaghian intellectual.  He was born in Bitias, and attended the local school of the village.

He went to Fresno, USA where, along with some devoted members of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation, established the "Asbarez” Newspaper, in 1908.

Nareg Aprahamian   (1891-1927)

He was born in 1891 in Kheder beg, Mousa Dagh. He attended the national school of the village, having as teacher the revolutionary federation member Moruk Varjabed ( Kevork Baghdoyian).

In 1924, he was elected as a member of the Syrian parliament to become the first Mousadaghian mp.

He received many awards from the Syrian and French governments.

He passed away in 1927.

Movses Der Kalousdian (1895-1984)

Movses Der Kalousdian was born in Yoghun Olukh in Mousa Dagh in 1895. He received his primary education in the local "Khrimian” school. He continued his education in Aleppo, to return to his hometown, where he started teaching in the local school.

He became the director of Mousa Dagh during the French supervision and was of great assistance to the Armenians of the region. Along with Anania Viravorian, he established a sector of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation. He proved to be a great military leader during the Mousadaghian heroic battle.

He was one of the founders of the Armenian legion in Port Saaid and played a significant role in the victory of "Avarayr”

He was elected as a representative of the Armenians in Sanjakh in the Syrian parliament.

In 1939, when Mousadaghians were forced to leave their hometown, Movses Der Kalousdian put great effort in finding a new refuge for the people, and evidently became the founder of Mousaler-Anjar.

He was elected as a member of the Lebanese parliament in 1945 and represented the Armenian community till 1972.

He played a great role in the formation and flourishing of the Armenian Community in Lebanon. He became a member and founder of primary organizations in the region, with an unprecedented determination in serving his nation and community.

He passed away in 1984 in Beirut and was buried in the national cemetery.

In 1998, when the bust of Movses Der Kalousdian was situated near the "St. Boghos" Church of Anjar, his remains were relocated beneath it, to find their eternal resting place.

Bedros Demlakian ( -1921)

He received his primary education in the "Ladinats” school of kheder Beg, but was unable to continue it since his family immigrated to USA.

He became a member of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation with the dream of a free, independent and united Armenia.

In 1912, he returned to his homeland, with a considerable sum of money and started the mission of providing artillery to the people.

Demlakian was the leader of one of the three groups of fighters in the Mousadaghian heroic battle.

He was one of the initiators in the formation of the Armenian legion, and remained a ranked leader till his death in 1921, while fighting in the battle of "Marash”.

Yessayi Yaghoubian ( -1957)

He was born in Yoghun Olukh. Being wanted by the Turkish government, he was obliged to immigrate to USA in 1902.

He returned to his homeland in 1915, when the tukish government was planning the deportation of the Armenian People.

He was the mastermind behind the principal of self-defense. He, along with a group of fighters, withdrew to the mountains of the region, being an example to the villagers who started ascending the mountain of Mousa Dagh.

He was one of the primary leaders of the Mousadaghian Heroic Battle. In 1947, he immigrated to Armenia where he passed away in 1957.

Serop Sherbetchin  (1889-1981)

He was born in 1890.

During the 40 days of resistance in Mousa Dagh, he put his life in danger and became one of the leaders of the heroic battle. He was the one who kept the triumphant sprit of the people and helped them overcome the harsh times.

He was the chief of Mousa Dagh in 1939 when the people were forced to leave their homeland and refuge in Anjar. He became the first mayor of Anjar.

Throughout the years, he remained devoted to his mission and beliefs in serving the Armenian nation. He worked in national organizations and unions. He was the chairman of the vestry board of the "St. Boghos” church and the board of trustees of the "Harach” School for several years.

He wrote many books about his memories of Mousa Dah and made excavations about the origins of the Mousadaghian dialect.

He passed away after living a life of a dedicated ARF member.

Antranig Ourfalian  (1923-2006)

Major Panos Manjian

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