Religious Figures

Mousadaghian-Anjarian Religious Figures

Rev. Dikran Anteriasian (1888-1962)

He was born in Yoghun Olukh, Mousadagh.

He received his primary education in the local school. Later he was sent to continue his education in the University of Aintab, from where he graduated in 1911.

In 1914, after completing his education in theology, he was assigned as the reverend of the Armenian Evangelical Church of Zeitun.

He played a great role in convincing the people against immigration and was elected as the chairman of the central board of the heroic battle.

After the battle in 1929, when Mousadaghians returned to their homeland from Por Saaid, Rev Anteriasian continued serving in the churches of Syria till the year 1957.

He published many books and occupied different pioneering positions.

In 1957, he moved to Beirut where he passed away in 1962. In the year 2000 his remains were relocated in Anjar.

Father Tovmas Kachazn (Kalenderian)

He was born in 1909, in the Yoghun Olukh village of Mousa Dagh. He received his primary education in the "Siswan” School in Por Saaid. Later he attended the "Mkhitarian” Monastery in Vienna.

In 1931, he was ordained a priest. He served as a teacher in schools in Mouss Dagh, Cairo, Beirut, Syria and Anjar.

Through the efforts of father Tovmas, the Latin Armenians of Anjar joined the Catholic community.

Gracious Father Vartan Ashkarian (1937-2012)

He was born in Antioch, in 1937.

He received his primary education in the French school of Damascus and his secondary education in the "Mkhitarian” school of Vienna.

After graduating from the official school of Theology in Vienna he studied eastern languages and literature, specializing in modern literature.

He was ordained priest on the 22nd of January, 1961.

He served as the principal of the "Mkhitarian” school of Cairo and later of the "Mkhitarian” School in Beirut. He worked as a lecturer in the Eastern Languages’ department in the "St. Joseph” University. He was the assistant of the late Catholicos Patriarch Hovhannes Bedros and later the assistant of Catholicos Nerses Bedros.

Since the year 2000, he was the president of the principals of the Armenian Catholic schools, and the director of the schools of the catholic prelacy.

His pen name is VartanZorents

His published works are; "Knar Mayragan”, "Hayrenashounch”, "Poor me panasdeghdz Mdavoraganer”, "gyanki Yerk”, "Miyayn Meg Jam”, "Hine vor Nor Bid Ella”, "Gine”, "Vorovhedev Der Chegar” and "Prountski Nman”.

He received the "Sayid Akl” award for one of his works which was translated to Arabic.

He passed away in 2012, and was buried near his mother in Anjar as his last wish.

Archbishop Varoujan Hergelian

He is born in Anjar, in 1946. He received his primary education in Anjar after which he attended the monastery of the prelacy of Cilicia in Antilias, from where he graduated in 1967.

He served as a teacher and principal in Anjar, Zahle, and the "Trchnots Poyn” in Byblos. As a religious leader, he has served in Lebanon, Cyprus and Greece. In 1997, he was assigned as the surrogate of the Armenian Catholicosate of Cyprus and in 2003 he received the Archbishop title.

He has had valuable educational, literary and churchly activities and is the founder of the "Karni” manuscript which has 41 published volumes. Since 1993, he has been publishing the "Ardziv” monthly and since 1997, the "Keghart” newspaper of the Catholicosate of Cyprus.


Besides his numerous articles which have been published in Armenian newspapers, he has several published books which are; "Hayasdanyants Yegeghetsin Gibrosi Mech”, "Adanayi Vganere yev Sourp Sdepanos Vgayarane”, "Teghtagtsoutyun Sahag P. Gatoghigosi Yev Bedros Ark. Sarjyani”, "Gibrosi Temi Hovagan Garke yev Temagan Gazmavorume” and "Dbakroutyun, Vorper, Melkonian Hasdadoutyun".

Father Boghos Koujanian

Rev Movses Jambazian  (1946-2000)

He was born in Anjar in 1946. He received his seconday education in the Armenian Evangelical Secondary School of Anjar. He graduated from the "Haigazian” University in 1968 and from the school of Theology in 1971.

He was married to Louisa Ormushaklian and Blessed with 2 children.

In 1980, when he settled in USA, he served as the vice president of the Armenian Missionary Association of America (AMAA) and in 1987, as its president.

In 1998, he received PHD in theology.

He was a member of the board of trustees of the "Armenia" all Armenian National Fund and served as the secretary of the Armenian Evangelical World Council.

He occupied different positions in pioneering organizations.

He passed away at the age of 54.

He was known to be a devoted Armenian, Christian and leader.

Rev. Father Haroutyun Bzdigian

He is born in Beirut, in 1937, in a Mousadaghian family. He received his education in Anjar and he continued it in Venice, Rome and Paris. He has specialized in Theology and history of Philosophy and Art. In 1962, he was ordained and consecrated to the Holly order of priesthood, as Father Haroutun Bezdigian and became the director of the "Mekhitarian" School of Venice.

He has organized private and group exhibitions in Lebanon, Austria, Italy, Syria, USA & Armenia. He has received many awards while his paintings are exhibited in different expos.

He is the author of several books whose covers are revealed beneath.


Rev Movses Ghazarian

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