Heroic Battle

The First Collision

August 7
A military detachment of the enemy ascended the mountain of Mousa Dagh to force the people for deportation. They were shocked when the Armenian resistance responded them with heavy gunfire, forcing them to yield, after giving great losses.

August 10

Over 5000 soldiers accompanied by canons launched towards the mountain of Mousa Dagh, to diminish the morals of the fighters.

During the battle that lasted for 12 hours, the enemy gave great losses in deaths and injuries and was forced to capitulate and escape.

4 fighters from the Mousadaghian troops gave their life while fighting for their homeland.

August 15

Before dawn the enemy Turks, having as commander Fakhri Pasha, headed towards the mountain of Mousa Dagh with more than 5000 soldiers and several thousands of independent fighters from the villages, who were promised to plunder the belongings of Mousadaghians after the battle.  

The women, children and elders gathered with Rev. Father Haroutyun to pray for a salvation from the sea. They also prayed for the lives of the fighters.

The battle was interrupted by the darkness of the night, but at the first rays of sunlight it resumed even harsher than the day before. The turkish army had decided to end the Mousadaghian resistance permanently.

Benefiting from the mist that covered the mountain, a few Mousadaghian fighters encircled the Turkish troops from behind and started firing. The enemy, thinking that they were surrounded and overpowered, started yielding in confusion. The loss of the enemy was great, while 12 Mousadaghians died during the fight that lasted for 2 days.

Another military response from the Turkish troops was awaited and its delay indicated that greater arrangements were being made for the attack.

September 5

On Sunday morning, the mist cleared from the mountain and uncovered the French battleships that anchored near the seashore. The delight was indescribable amongst the people who long prayed for salvation from the sea.  Soon people were signaling with white flags and huge flames from all directions.

The French battleship, having as commander, Admiral Dartige du Fournet and captain Brison, had stopped after noticing the red cross flag waving on the mountain top and the notes explaining the situation of the Mousadaghians. A boat was sent inquiring for more information about the circumstances, and French educated Khatcher Doumanian was sent to the battleship to deliver the previously written petition in French language. After reading the petition, Captain Brison promised to deliver it to the French authorities and act accordingly. Given by the instructions of Mousadaghians, he ordered the bombardment of the Turkish military bases in Mousa Dagh.

On September 7, the enemy launched another battle towards the mountain but was defeated immediately through the efforts of the Mousadaghian fighters who gained more confidence by the existence of the French battleship in the seashores of Mousa Dagh.

During the battle, the "Jeanne D’arc” battleship anchored near the seashore and Admiral Dartige du Fournet asked for representatives from the people of Mousa Dagh who gave detailed explanation about their situation and the circumstances that led them there.

At that time, 3 letters arrived to the Armenians of Mousa Dagh from the Turkish troops advising them to surrender and admit defeat.

Another battle was launched towards Mousa Dagh. The attackers were mostly Turkish villagers who yielded after only 7 hours.

During those days, the French battleships appeared near the shores of Mousa Dagh on a daily basis. After the last victory of the Mousadaghian people, the French battleships heavily bombarded the Turkish military bases creating an unprecedented sense of satisfaction in Mousadaghians.

The time of salvation had come and the news of evacuation was spread amongst the people. Everyone had to be at the seashore on the morning of September 12.

During the first day, more than three thousand people were carried to the battleships leaving the evacuation of the Mousadaghian fighters, who secured the protection of the people, for the coming days.

The battleships sailed away and the Mousadaghians gazed sadly at the misty mountain with eyes full of tears and hearts full of melancholy.

The heroes who died during the Mousadaghian battle.

  1. Hagop Karageozian (1880-1917)
  2. Hovhannes Koujanian (1874-1915)
  3. Krikor Nekrourian (1875-1915)
  4. Jabra Kheoyian (1887-1917)
  5. Sarkis Shannakian (1880-1915)
  6. Bedros Penenian (1855-1915)
  7. Hampartsoum Khoshian (1874-1915)
  8. Krikor Koubourian (1854-1915)
  9. Apraham Seklemian (1893-1915)
  10. Hovhannes Lourchian (1891-1915)
  11. Missak Bayramian (1897-1915)
  12. Bedros havatian (1882-1915)
  13. Samuel Boyajian (1891-1915)
  14. Samuel Markarian (1874-1915)
  15. Boghos Andekian (1894-1915)
  16. Hapet Vanayian (1889-1915)
  17. Baghdasar Mardigian (1886-1915)
  18. Hagop Havatian (1885-1915)


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