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An Article about Anjar in the "L.A. Times” Newspaper

Thepriest unlocks the door to a musty room, home to the ghosts of Moses Mountain, a lost place where determined townsfolk once gathered with hunting rifles and faced down an imperial army.

A glass-and-wood frame secures a white flag emblazoned with a fading red cross, a symbol of resistance and survival celebrated in Armenian lore. Laid out on tables and shelves are prized artifacts: a chalice, rusted farming implements, an ancient rifle and black funeral boxes holding remains of some of the 18 "martyrs" who were killed fighting the Turks 100 years ago.

april 24 kaylarshav mainAnjarians Participated in The "April 24” March From Antilias To Bourj Hamoud

tsutsahantesnanormainOn Wednesday 22nd of April 2015, an exhibition took place in the "K. Gulbenkian” Hall of Anjar where Nanor Hajian's paintings were exhibited.

the Event was organized by the cultural council of the ARF "G. Ler” committee and sponsored by prelate of Armenians in Lebanon Shahe Panossian.

hsgoum2015mainThe vigil of the commemoration of the 100 centennial of the Armenian genocide took place on April 23, at 8:00 pm in the "Hedvig” Hall, by the organization of the ARF LEM "Sh. Misakian Chapter.

The opening words of the event were said by Hovig Atamian.

The message of the day was conveyed by Raffi Ashkarian.

fayhachoirmainOn Wednesday April 22 at 8:00pm The "Fayha” Choir from Tripoli and the Yerevan Chamber Choir of Armenia had a joint performance in the "St. Boghos” church of Anjar.

The event was sponsored by the municipality of Anjar.

Minister of Armenia in Lebanon Mr. Ashod Kocharian was present at the performance as well as prelate Shahe Panosian.



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