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Tashnagtsoutian Donagadaroutioun

126th Anniversary Celebration of Armenian Revolutionary Federation in Ainjar

By the organazation of A.R.F " Red Mountain " propaganda committee, On Sunday 29th of January 207, at 5:00 p.m. at Sarkis Zeitlian, near Martyrs monument, on the memorial of the ARF ranks and for the soldiers of Armenian Army, in the attendence of the Archbishop Varoujan Hergelian, spiritual fathers, " Red Mountain " committee, Mayor of Ainjar Vartkes Khoshian, representers of communities & associations, and a very large crowd.

ARF 16th Anniversary Celebration was held at C. Gulbenkian Hall at 5:30 p.m. After the anthems, from ARF LEM " Shavarsh Misakian " chapter, Mirelle Ashekian had a very interesting speech. The audience were asked for a moment of silence for the victims of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation and the Armenian army.

Then From Andranik Tsarukian's "Letter to Yerevan" recited Ardag Geokjian, Garen Andonian & Grace Kaloustian 
The speaker was the director & principle of "Aztag" - Shahan Kandaharian.

Anjar Youth Orchestra had an amazing performance in singing songs with soloist Hovnan Keshishian. 

ARF 126th anniversary ceremony was concluded with Aruinot Trosh song, by the performance of ARF "Haratch" Youth Union Members. 



Mousalertsi Ganayk

Mousadaghian Women

Moraly, worldly. & patrioticly. Women who know how to win. They are all soldiers. They know the secrets of weapons. They all self defence Mousa Dagh with their spouses. Fought, baked bread & their cheerfulness passed on to future generations.

Being a noble descendant of Musa Dagh, I realized that people of that village took a lot of pompous nature, love of music, especially dance. Today, there are gatherings at home triumphant dances and Musa Daghian song " Hala Hala Nino ". The traditions of the family is important for them. Everything reminds Musa Daghian's lifestyle, cuisine, song and dance! Such is the sector's victory description generation of grandparents enjoyed.

Ani Pashayan




Lokh's Akhtamar Chapter's Clinic Commitee had a special lecture program on Friday 13th of January 2017, at Filhannessian Center.

Vicky Hergelian was invited to this program. She expained the lecture stage by stage, and focused on patient's mental and physical prepardness before any surgery. 

Sona Douzmanian gave a short biographical information for Vicky Hergelian

Attendees were communative with her, and they were interestingly listening to the practical ways of caring for the sick in bed. 



Anthony Gudeshian

A Baby Boy

We congratulate Mr. And Mrs. Hovig & Seta Gudeshian, who were blessed with a baby boy Anthony, On Wednesday 18th of January 2017. 

Mesrob Lakissian


Sunday, October 16, 2016, looked like an ordinary Sunday. It ended up being a historic and memorable day for St. Illuminator’s Cathedral in New York City. Certainly it is not unusual for a priest to receive a phone call from someone wishing to make a donation to the church. In this particular case, Rev. Fr. Mesrob Lakissian, pastor of the Cathedral, remembers that everything was far from usual. Der Mesrob was addressing his flock, gathered in Pashalian Hall on Sunday following the Divine Liturgy that was presided over by the Prelate, Archbishop Oshagan. Ms. Azadouhi Zarukian and her cousin Mikael Istepanian, who was visiting from Germany, attended church and offered a hokehankisd (memorial service) in memory of her brothers, Ardashes and Haroutioun. Der Mesrob related the story of how last May, Ms. Zarukian called him and expressed the wish to make a substantial donation to the Cathedral. No amount was mentioned. Last month, when Der Hayr, Ms. Zarukian and her cousin Mr. Mikael Istepanian went to the bank to finalize the donation, the amount of the donation was revealed. Der Hayr related his amazement and deep emotion when he found out that was donating four million dollars to the Cathedral! A rousing ovation greeted the announcement, with everyone in attendance standing in testimony of the appreciation for the elder woman seated amongst them. “The amount will remain untouched,” Der Mesrob announced. “A financial committee is looking into the best way to invest the money, with the active participation of the donor. She will also be part of another committee to be appointed that will make decisions on the use of the proceeds. The donor has expressed her wish that the proceeds be used for specific charitable and educational purposes. Details will be announced after all outstanding legal and other expenses are paid. In his message to the gathering, Archbishop Oshagan reflected on the mission of service that defines the Holy See of Cilicia that was deeply ingrained into Der Mesrob during his years of study at the seminary in Antelias. Der Mesrob was appointed pastor of the Cathedral in 2006 and given the mission of renovating the Cathedral and reinvigorating its pastoral mission. “Der Hayr’s indefatigable spirit of service and tireless devotion has earned him unanimous praise over the past ten years that was a renaissance for the hundred-year-old Cathedral. In a certain way, this magnificent donation represents an unexpected, yet well-deserved recognition for the Word being carried out,” the Prelate said. Oshagan Srpazan praised Der Mesrob’s dedicated vocation and the exceedingly generous gesture of Ms. Azadouhi Zarukian. He encouraged all present to follow her example, as the biblical story of the widow’s offering shows, by bringing their contribution to the church and helping fulfill its continuing mission. Ms. Zarukian was offered a gift as a token of appreciation on behalf of the Cathedral. After lunch those in attendance had the opportunity to greet Ms. Zarukian and personally express their gratitude to her. An ordinary Sunday became an extraordinary event in the annals of the history of St. Illuminator’s Cathedral, the first Armenian Cathedral in the United States.


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